Cax & Experimentation

MSETT has developed its own CAX and War gaming methodology based on Service Oriented Simulation and Project Management Tools. MSETT's methodology, based on a modular schema, provides customized solutions aiming to save money and time to our clients.

The basic benefits of using our methodology are:

~ Short preparation time.
~ Capability of contacting a CAX, Wargame and Experimentation related on the client?s budget.
~ Training Audience Evaluation.
~ Simulation with different levels of realism.
~ Low cost solutions for technical support.
~ Value added services for After Action review and Analysis.

MSETT Team & Experimentation

~ MSETT's CAX Support team is one of the most experienced teams worldwide and can operate with every kind of constructive simulation model and customize the CAX principles according to the specific needs of the customer.
~ MSETT's training program for CAX Design and Preparation can attribute the required background for both technical and operational personnel and assist any agency, organization or country to create its own training program and syllabus based on its own requirements, restrictions or capabilities.
~ Additionaly, MSETT can design and execute Experimantation based on CAX, which can be used for developing new ideas or even test operational plans and specify ways of thinking, planning and acting.

Non-military Applications

MSETT has created a unique tool for non-military personnel to test the planning, evaluate the operations? effectiveness and provide a better understanding of the operations environment.

Operational Games

Operational Games, are the multiple sided methodological games, played by real or fantastic opponents in constructive simulation models, under given rational or irrational scenarios and provide realistic outcomes for a significant set of parameters of modern life.
MSETT?s personnel is working on developing Operational games methodology, which can support multi service, multitasking and multilevel operational simulation in order to create a unique and innovative tool for planners, decision makers, officials of every level and even think tanks with which the can save money, time and most of all, valuable human lives.

Serious Games

Serious Games are mainly referring to the individual training. Through these games individuals can develop their skills and capabilities and test their own role in specific activities which are included in sets of activities of certain operations. Managers have the full picture of their personnel skills level. Finally, personnel are being set to a progressive process which leads them to a continuous skill development and role understanding.

Training, Planning & Cyber

Training is one of the most important and crucial services for MSETT. A very analytical training system has been developed by MSETT in order to meet various needs and different training targets. MSETT is offering live courses, or/and on line courses available via its e-training platform, OnLine Training.

Planning & Cyber

Operation planning process (OPP) provides a proven process to organize the work of the commander, staff, subordinate commanders, and other partners, to develop plans that will appropriately address the problem to be solved. It focuses on defining the military mission and development and synchronization of detailed plans to accomplish that mission. CO capability considerations and options are integrated into OPP, just like all other joint capabilities and functions.

MSETT Hellas offers a full range of Consultancy Services and provides highly qualified individuals to meet specific client requirements and needs. Our consulting service will enable clients to develop a range of solutions from revision of policies through to a full training solution. Specifically, we offer:
High caliber and experienced individuals and teams of consultants who have routinely operated at the military strategic level throughout their careers and are passionate about their profession.

MSETT is capable of planning, organizing and executing multi-level / multi-purpose cyber defence excercises and optimization of operational planning for a wide range of applications.

MSETT CAX Support Team (MCST) and MSETT Mobile CAX Support Team (MMCST) is a unique service which provides high level of professionalism in CAX design, preparation, execution and results analysis. The team offers the following services within 3 weeks preparation and 5 weeks warning:

~ CAX, War Gaming and Experimentation management (CAX managers)
~ CAX, War Gaming and Experimentation management consultancy and support
~ Strategic Analysis and Role Playing
~ CAX, War Gaming and Experimentation Technical Planning, Support and Management
~ Networking and CIS support for CAX, War Gaming and Experimentation
~ Certified Constructive Simulation Users and Experienced Battle Captains for CAX, War Gaming and Experimentation

Services are customized to the client's specification. Our Support Team, assists potential customers to develop their own processes and procedures for CAX, Gaming, Experimentation and Operational Planning based on their own specific requirements.

MSETT has developed a secure page for their customers where they can find on line support for CAX, War Gaming and Experimentation. On Line CAX - War Gaming and Experimentation Support include the following services:

~ Scenario requirements and scripting
~ Scenario Analysis
~ Command Structure and Infrastructure Plan (not classified data)
~ CAX, War Gaming and Experimentation Architecture Proposal
~ Networking and CIS Plan
~ Human Resources management Plan
~ Response Cells and Opposite Forces Plan
~ After Action Review Customized Process

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