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Even though they? ve barely changed in hundreds of years, mortars are still one of the most effective weapons on the battlefield. Mortars tactical use is based on their ability to cause serious casualties to enemy forces without risking any friendly forces. This is the reason why MSETT has developed a unique and innovative software for training military personnel who is serving in mortar units.
Having the name of one of the most important mathematicians of ancient Greece , EUCLID can train both Forward Observers and Fire Direction Centre personnel.

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High Emergency Reaction & Management Enterprise System (HERMES), is an integrated security system which consists of three major modules:

~ Airport security and crisis response system.
~ Critical infrastructure integrated security and emergency planning system.
~ Homeland security tactical planning and crisis response system.

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Asclepious was the ancient Greek god of health who was assisting people in curing diseases and also leading them to a healthy way of living. MSETT's product Asclepious is a full customized healthcare operational and training system which is providing a set of solutions to healthcare professionals for optimizing their capabilities, save money and precious time and add more skills for managing complex healthcare situations.

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"Saladin?, is a set of integrated services for Arabic Gulf countries and it consists of a really impressive set of scenarios (rational and irrational) in the areas of military, security, healthcare, training and financial. All scenarios have been customized to meet specific needs of Arabic Gulf countries and GCC objectives.

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?Bolivar? is a unique and innovative set of integrated services which is focused on the Latin and South America countries standards and characteristics for military, security, education, healthcare and social development. ?Bolivar? scenarios are inspired from the name of Simon de Bolivar, the great South American historic personality.

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